Coffee Cuffs!!!

I love these.  Coffee cuffs are what started off the teal magnolia.  I made one for a friend as a birthday present, and she asked me to make some as teacher gifts.  Someone else in our office like them as well, and also wanted teacher gifts…and the rest is…the teal magnolia!

Coffee cuffs take the place of the cardboard bands that you get at the coffeehouses that keep you from burning your hands.  But these are way cuter.  After an impromptu survey on Facebook, I decided to make cuffs that are a little larger than the coffeehouse ones – about four inches wide – but I can still make the regular size upon request. 🙂  They are fully padded so they’ll protect your hand from hot coffee.  I think they work better than the cardboard ones, but you will still feel the warmth from the coffee, which is part of the experience of drinking coffee.  They are reversible (usually a cool print on one side and a solid or more toned-down print on the other) and machine washable.

But wait! There’s more!  Hee hee! I’ve always wanted to do that.  I’ve found out that the cuffs are good for more than just hot coffee.  They fit most tapered cups that I’ve tried – soft drinks, plastic party cups, frappuccinos and…umm…yeah…pint glasses.  Now you can look even prettier when drinking beer with the guys!  The cool thing about using the cuffs on cold drinks is that they stop all that watery, drippy mess.

Plus, they just look good. The cuffs add a little bit of individuality and personality to your drink.  They make me smile.  😀

Pair a cuff with a coffee gift card, and you have an awesome gift.  Add a cute “Thanks A Latte” tag, and it’s a perfect way to show thanks to a teacher, sitter, hair stylist or anyone who makes your life a little better.


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