the girl:
Hi! I’m Alicia, a wife, and mom with a sweet tooth that just won’t quit.  I’m also a creativity junkie. If there’s not something creative brewing somewhere in my life, there’s something wrong. Sewing, writing, cooking, crafting – it’s all a part of me as important as oxygen.

My crafting gets put on hold for one thing and one thing only – my family: my amazing husband of over eleven years, our hilarious little man who is almost four years old, and our sweet and feisty little girl who is about to turn one (somebody hold me and figure out how to freeze time!).  We also have a crazy little dog that adds another level of chaos to our little family. Although my hubby and I are Floridians through and through, and are devoted fans of the Florida Gators (our alma mater and where we met), we make our home in a tiny town in the suburbs of Raleigh, NC.

Besides creativity and family, travel is what keeps me going.  Even though my life right now doesn’t allow much jet-setting, I love to travel the world and see how people are so similar despite the distance while soaking up all that is unique in each culture. I love being able to get away from my usual routine and be inspired by things and people I’ve never seen before.

the shop:
Early on in 2011, I decided to sew a birthday present for a friend from work.  I made a coffee cuff and a zippered pouch.  She loved it, and asked me to make some coffee cuffs as teacher gifts for her to give out at the end of the school year.  Another co-worker also wanted in on the coffee cuff action. Then a third wanted some tissue pouches.  Then my neighborhood decided to have a craft fair that went surprisingly well, and here I am.

Now a stay-at-home mom, I can dedicate the time and effort it takes to create those little accessories that make every day life just a little more fun.  All this has culminated in The Teal Magnolia (my favorite color and my favorite flower, with a little nod to Southern sass).

My lovely little goodies are sewn with care and love.  I design almost all the items myself and create my own patterns. Before I offer anything for sale, I make at least a couple of versions, tweak them and use them in everyday life to make sure they work as intended. I take time in choosing just the right fabrics (always good quality fabrics) and buy small quantities of them, so my pieces are unique.  I don’t often make the same product with the same fabrics, unless I really love a specific combination of fabrics.

So while I may not have a shop brimming with 800 pieces, know that each one has a lot of thought and care behind it.  And fun.  Always fun.

the blog:
This blog is about the shop, being crafty, celebrating life everyday and a little about me, with creativity as a main focus. I believe that creativity and simplicity can co-exist, and am out to prove it! So, sit back, grab some coffee and come hang out with me!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Stephanie Lee

    Hi Alicia,

    We met yesterday at the craft fair. I am the woman who had the 7 month old daughter Cassidy. I love your items and would like to order a set of coasters. The color scheme is my living room is orange/yellow/green. I am pretty flexible with the pattern and am sure I’ll love whatever you pick out. Would you be able to make me a set? Assuming so, let me know when you can have them completed and we can set a way for me to pay you.

    Looking forward to seeing the completed set. Thanks! Dont hesistate to reach out if you need anything.


    1. aliciamariel Post author

      Hi Stephanie! I can definitely make you a set. Can you e-mail me your contact information at thetealmagnolia *at* gmail.com?


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