New Product Ready!

Yay! I’m excited about moving from sewing items for fun, and having items ‘in stock’.  I feel so important typing that!

So, here it is – my first ‘in stock’ item:

Fun, beautiful fabric coasters.  These are made with gorgeous designer fabric and are lined with fleece so they’ll protect your table from heat and condensation.  Each one is different, and the backs have a coordinating patterned fabric.

They are great to have around, and not just in the home.  I’m a bit of a nerd and carry one with me all the time.  I just hate when restaurants give you those flimsy cocktail napkins that get all wet and leave bits of paper stuck to your glass, don’t you?  Plus, it’s easier to keep track of which drink is yours – it’s the one on the pretty coaster! Maybe it’s just me, but I swear it makes your Coke fizzier and your drinks stronger.  😉

Why else do I love these coasters? They make great presents!  A set of these is so perfect for a hostess gift, stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, party favors, gift exchanges…I’m sure there are a million other gift opportunities for these, but I can’t think of any at the moment.

I love the fabric on these, but it’s still early enough to order custom sets for the holidays.  Want to do school colors for a teacher? Your college colors for your old roommate?  Christmas fabric to make your celebration a little more festive? I’m on it!

Cost: $8 for set of 4.


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