Many of you who know me know my slightly ‘bah-humbug’ attitude towards Thanksgiving.  The reality?  Although I don’t see why we have turkey, I love the holiday.  I love the thought of spending the day in the kitchen, making special dishes with fresh ingredients, celebrating an amazing time of the year, then getting together with those we love the most, whether it’s just you and your hubby or a whole gaggle of family and friends to reflect on everything that’s good in this world.

This year, I’m thankful for:

My husband who has been so supportive of me this past year, when I have been pushed to my limit and stood by me as I transitioned from working mom to SAHM/crafter.  The day I met him (just over 11 years ago), I knew by the end of the evening that he was The One, and it’s been true.

My son, who makes me smile more than I knew was possible.  Even when he’s up to no good (and at almost two years old, that’s pretty much all the time), I have to smile at his sense of wonder at the world, his quest to learn about every single thing in front of him and the incredible amount of energy that keeps him going all day long.  I am thankful that he’s a mama’s boy, because I could never get enough of his hugs, kisses and cuddles.

The opportunity to start The Teal Magnolia and the great feedback I’ve received.  It has meant so much to me to be able to do what I do and have your support!  It’s an incredible ride that I’m on and look forward to seeing where it goes.  Thank you so much for cheering me on every step of the way.

I could keep going on and on and on about everything that makes my heart beat a little faster, but that would be incredibly boring.  So, even though for the time being I won’t be able to cook and plan Thanksgiving and set the big fancy table that all crafty people dream of doing, I am celebrating by remembering the reason for the holiday and being thankful for what I have.


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